The life coach industry continues to blossom. Why? Because people want to make life meaningful no matter what is happening in the world around them. They are also demanding more from life coaches. Consumers seek personalized services. Jowanna Daley in McDonough, GA, offers a suite of services to life coaches to help them launch a sustainable business.  We offer coaching, consulting, and partner with companies like Transformation Academy, which provides a wealth of resources for life coaches and independent business owners. Transformation Academy offers niche life coach certification courses that will increase your skills and expand your coaching business.

Who Is Transformation Academy?

Located in Clearwater Beach, Florida, Transformation Academy is an online education company that provides education courses to life coaches, independent entrepreneurs (INDIEpreneurs), development junkies, and those who want to get paid to teach online. Transformation Academy is run by Joeel and Natalie Rivera, who share our company’s belief to empower individuals through to run purpose-driven businesses on their [own] terms.

Still, it is rare to meet a thriving company that values purpose over profit. So, when you find one, you stick with them. Joeel and Natalie not only have a passion for leading others, but they also have the credentials as well. They have developed a suite of evidence-based courses grounded in science, experience, education, and passion.

Joeel holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Education and is completing his Ph.D. in psychology. This husband-wife duo has been coaching, counseling, writing, and teaching for over a decade! They are also serial entrepreneurs who turned their challenges and tragic life events into something meaningful [including the death of Joeel’s brother]. 

How Is Jowanna Daley Associated With Transformation Academy?

Jowanna, co-owner of Daley Consulting LLC (dba Jowanna Daley), is also a serial entrepreneur who backs her passion with experience and industry credentials. She is a consultant, master life coach, project management professional, business analyst, scrum master, and mentor who uses her experience and credentials to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses.

As a professional, Jowanna understands the value and need for continuous professional and personal development. She found Transformation Academy online and as an individual with an undergraduate in Computer Information Systems, Master’s in Entrepreneurship, and a portfolio of industry-recognized credentials; she appreciated the passion, insight, and intellectual rigor behind each course. Before partnering with Transformation Academy, she achieved the following certifications through the couple’s online academy:

  • Entrepreneurship and Business
  • Life Purpose
  • Happiness
  • Goal Setting to Success
  • Forgiveness

Jowanna felt an immediate kinship and connection with the Riveras. Their ‘non-salesy’ approach and love for people-empowerment not only resonated with Jowanna; it also aligns with over 15,000 students around the globe. The Jowanna Daley-Transformation Academy partnership through the online school’s affiliate program allows our company to offer you discounts ranging from 50% and above on all courses, including the niche certification courses. Just use our link and discount codes.

Why Invest in Niche Life Coach Certification Courses?

Let’s be honest: it does not take much to become a “life coach.” The life coach industry is unregulated, and while it has its positives, it also opens the field for fraud and exploitation. Clients are demanding credentialed professionals who address their individual needs. The trend for qualified life coaches is intensifying and will continue to so.  Transformation Academy’s coach training program provides a coaching model that creates a fulfilling and result-driven experience when working with clients.

Transformation Academy offers:

  • Courses that give you the tools and skills you need to guide your clients
  • A global peer-to-peer community support system
  • Education and leadership development
  • Support for entrepreneurs

What Are Some of the Niche Certification Courses That Transformation Academy Offer?

Transformation Academy certification program includes 20+ niche certification courses including:

Start Niche Training to Expand Your Life Coach Business

If you are looking to expand your practice with high-quality training, then Transformation Academy is for you. They are the only life coach education company that offers over 20 niche life coach certifications. Each course includes a complete life coaching package with all the processes and activities you need to get your client’s immediate results! Use discount code daley99 and any Transformation Academy link on this page to get any of the niche certification for only $99!